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Books by Dr. David R. Elliott
Irish Cemetery Records

About Dr. David R. Elliott

Dr. David R. Elliott travels to Ireland each summer to transcribe Irish records and to persue family history research for his many clients. To date, the bulk of his transcription work is in County Fermanagh though his books contain many references to persons in County Cavan, County Donegal, County Tyrone & County Wicklow. He has become an expert in both physical and photographic methods used to reveal the engravings in old stones, often sharing his methods as a popular speaker at genealogical conventions.

About Dr. Elliott's books:
    Each of the cemetery books include an Introduction which provides a detailed description of the cemetery, a brief historical sketch, and any peculiarities about the cemetery. His acknowledgement pages are interesting insofar as they go beyond recognizing help received from specific individuals, to expand on details of the project assistance. Next are colour photographs of the cemeteries, and of churches when present, including colour map/s of the area, and the cemetery plan. The transcriptions are done to a professional standard. Dr. Elliott expends great effort to access ALL surviving stones, including digging up sod to reveal buried stones (some titles include photographs of especially challenging recoveries).
DONEGAL Parish & Cemetery Records:
Inishmacsaint Parish, County Donegal

    BOOK - Finner Cemetery, Bundoran, Inishmacsaint Parish, County Donegal, Ireland
    Contains over 1000 names. ISBN 978-0-927357-34-7; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$60.00 (C$)
FERMANAGH Parish & Cemetery Records

Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - Maguiresbridge Presbyterian Cemetery, Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    The Presbyterian Church dates from 1821... the oldest dated tombstone in the cemetery is from 1828, and is still active today. Contains 206 names. ISBN 978-1-927357-42-2; published 2014
    Cerlox bound......$25.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Maguiresbridge Methdodist Cemetery, Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    The Methodist Church dates from before 1834... the Methodist Cemetery was created during World War One, and is still active today. Contains 343 names. ISBN 978-1-927357-41-5; published 2014
    Cerlox bound......$35.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Maguiresbridge Church of Ireland Cemetery, Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    The cemetery dates from about 1840 and is still in active service today. Contains 516 names. ISBN 978-1-927357-40-8; published 2014
    Cerlox bound......$50.00 (C$)
Aghavea Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - Aghavea Church of Ireland Cemetery, Aghavea Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    There has been a church on this property since before the early 1300s. The oldest dateable stone is from 1681, though there are obviously many older stones that are currently not dateable. This is an unusual graveyard. Visitors are struck by various symbols of death that appear on some memorial stones. Contains 1118 names. ISBN 978-1-927357-38-5; published 2014
    Cerlox bound......$80.00 (C$)
Boho Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - Boho Church of Ireland Cemetery, Boho Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    The church served people from the surrounding parishes of Cleenish, Killesher, Rossorry, Devenish Inishmacsaint, and Enniskillen. Contains 245 names from Fermanagh and Cavan. ISBN 978-0-9781764-6-4; published 2008
    Cerlox bound......$25.00 (C$)
Cleenish Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mullaghdun, Cleenish Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    The cemetery serves not only the Catholics of this section of Cleenish Parish, but also from the nearby parishes of Boho and the Town of Enniskillen. 414 names recorded. ISBN 978-0-927357-13-2; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$40.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Lisbellaw Church of Ireland Churchyard, Cleenish Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Lisbellaw is located about 3.5 miles east-south-east of Enniskillen. Because the Church of Ireland was the state church, people of all faiths could be buried in it including Roman Catholics. 431 names recorded. ISBN 978-0-927357-10-1; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$40.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Lisbellaw Presbyterian Cemetery, Cleenish Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Lisbellaw is located about 3.5 miles east-south-east of Enniskillen. The church was built in 1828. A small Presbyterian cemetery is built around the church, the oldest dateable gravemarker is from 1855. 110 names recorded. ISBN 978-0-927357-39-2; published 2013
    Cerlox bound......$25.00 (C$)
Devenish Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - Monea Roman Catholic Cemetery, Devenish Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains 317 names. ISBN 978-0-9869627-4-5; published 2011
    Cerlox bound......$40.00 (C$)
    BOOK - St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Derrygonnelly, Devenish Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains over 800 names. ISBN 978-0-9812063-2-5; published 2010
    Cerlox bound......$50.00 (C$)
Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Cemetery, Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains 758 names. ISBN 978-0-927357-07-1; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$40.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Three Old Inishmacsaint Parish Graveyards (Inishmacsaint Island, Carrick and Old Slavin), Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains 128 names. ISBN 978-0-9869627-1-4; published 2011
    Cerlox bound......$50.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Garrison Roman Catholic Cemetery, Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains about 1050 names. ISBN 978-0-9812063-0-1; published 2009
    Cerlox bound......$60.00 (C$)
    BOOK - Old Derrygonnelly Churchyard, Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains over 330 names. ISBN 978-0-9781764-4-0; published 2008
    Cerlox bound......$35.00 (C$)
Magheracross Parish, County Fermanagh

    BOOK - Two Magheracross Parish Burial Grounds: Old Magheracross Graveyard and the Ballinamallard Church of Ireland Churchyard, Magheracross Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    Contains over 588 names from Fermanagh and Tyrone. ISBN 978-0-9812063-4-9; published 2010
    Cerlox bound......$60.00 (C$)
TYRON Parish & Cemetery Records:
Clogher Parish, County Tyrone

    BOOK - St. John’s Church of Ireland Churchyard, Fivemiletown, Clogher Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland
    The church is located on the north-east side of Fivemiletown in County Tyrone, about a mile form the border with County Fermanagh. The cemetery contains many burials of people form Fermanagh, as well as from Tyron. Contains 1379 names from Tyrone and Fermanagh. ISBN 978-1-927357-16-3; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$80.00 (C$)
WICKLOW Parish & Cemetery Records:
Newcastle Parish, County Wicklow

    BOOK - Old Kilmurry Roman Catholic Cemetery, Newcastle Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland
    The 'old church' is thought to have been burned by British troops during the Rebellion of 1798 in retaliation for support for the rebels. There is a modern cemetery next to the old. This book is a transcriptions of surviving memorial stones located in the old cemetry. The earliest dateable memorial stone is from 1831. Contains 187 names. ISBN 978-1-927357-37-8; published 2012
    Cerlox bound......$25.00 (C$)

Transcriptions are organized by their placement in the cemetery (row and plot). This is especially important for researchers because it is helpful to know which burials are near others -- sometimes that proximity implies a familial relationship that may have been missed if the data was organized alphabetically by surname. Dr. Elliott includes a name index in each volume to help you locate specific burial records.

All of the books in Elliott's Irish Genealogy Series are published in 8.5 X 11" format, Cerlox bound with heavily laminated front and back covers. The high quality paper in these books ensure excellent print quality and exceptional colour photos.

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