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Archival Document, &
Artifact Preservation Products

    Clear, archival grade, polypropylene photo display and storage system. The protective pages are designed for use with standard 3 ring binders and the pages have "pockets" for holding the photography firmly in place without the need for adhesives or corners. Available in a variety of pocket sizes as follows

    Select the sheets you need for the size of the photographs you plan to store:

      8" x 10"  (holds 2 photos per page - 1 in each side)
      10 Sheets......... 12.95 (C$)

      8 1/2" x 11 (holds 2 photos per page - 1 in each side)
      10 Sheets......... 12.95 (C$)

    Transparent polyethylene bags for for storage of newspapers pages or other ephemera.
    These sizes are specific to standard and tabloid newspaper sizes, but can be used for any materials that suit the size. Protection and display of treasured newspapers, posters, art work, prints, printed matter, certificates, from dust, dirt, pollution and finger oils.

    25 bags, 14 1/4 X 19 in. ... 13.95 (C$)

    25 bags, 12 X 19 in. ... 13.95 (C$)


    Crystal-clear Mylar is the toughest and strongest of all polyester archival materials. Transparent enclosures must be made of polyester (Mylar) polypropylene, polyethylene or triacetate to be considered archivally "sound" These particular materials are inert (chemically stable) and pH neutral. Mylar gives acid-free, long-term protection without thickness or bulk. These top-loading envelopes are sealed on three sides. Suitable for all types of documents. Perfect for protection (and display) of treasured materials from dust, dirt, pollution and finger oils. 3 mil.

    9" X 12"......... 16.25/ pkg of 5 (C$)
    9" X 12"......... 58.50/ pkg of 25 (C$)
    9" X 14.5"......... 22.50/ pkg of 5 (C$)
    9" X 14.5"......... 80.50/ pkg of 25 (C$)

    ENVELOPES, Acid Free
    Permatec, Acid Free top loading envelopes. Made from 7 pt. Acid and lignin free paper, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate. No adhesive on flap and seams are sealed with ph neutral adhesive

    10 envelopes, 7 1/2 X 10 1/2... $8.50 (C$)
    10 envelopes, 9 X 12... $9.50 (C$)
    10 envelopes, 9 1/2 X 14 3/4... $9.50 (C$)

    Magnabrite Magnifier
    Four times magnification of both image and light. The Magnabrite “LGL”(Light Gathering Loupe) is a superbly crafted, solid acrylic 4X magnifier with a unique characteristics. It actually intensifies the light that passes through it, making the magnified subject clearer and nearly four times brighter. There are no bulbs or batteries in the LGL; the power behind its clarity and magnification is innovative optical engineering and precision lens grinding. What’s more, this North American-made loupe is very affordably priced. The Magnabrite® 4X Light Gathering Magnifier is made of crystal-clear solid acrylic, precision machined and polished in the same manner as camera lenses and other fine optics. The base of the magnifier is slightly concave to reduce the risk of scratching or damaging the lens surface. Other look-alike magnifiers in the same price range are hollow, molded plastic and do not offer the same features or quality as the Magnabrite® Light Gathering Magnifier. Ideal for family historians, designers, architects, graphic artists, photographers, crafters, model builders, collectors, hobbyists, and genealogists. Has also been proven to be a valuable tool for people experiencing the early stages of macular degeneration. Comes with a protective cloth bag with draw-string.

    4 1/2 in. Diameter......... 149.95 (C$)

    Cotton Gloves
    Always wear cotton gloves whenever you handle documents or photographs to prevent contamination by finger print oils, acid and dirt. A must for everyone handling old materials. One size fits most. 100% white cotton

    One pair cotton gloves... 3.95 (C$)

    CONSERVATION AID - Preserving Family Archives
    By Kyla Ubbink
    Published by Kyla Ubbink, Ottawa, 2014
    Professional archival conservator Kyla Ubink has created this handy and durable reference sheet for those seeking to preserve and store their family archives materials. She shares much accurate and valuable information in just 4 pages! From identifying what causes damage and deterioration to how to combat it, Ms. Ubbink discusses safe storage methods for a wide variety of materials including documents, photos, textiles, physical objects and more. Also covered is how to respond to and overcome mould and pest infestations as well as other disasters. Because this resource will be referred to often, it is laminated for long life under frequent handling.
    ISBN [none applied]     More information
    Laminated...9.95 (C$)

    RESEARCHERS' AID:    Organize it - Systematic, Safe, Accessible. Organization Tips for Genealogists
    By Jane L. Down
    Published by Jane L. Down, Ottawa, 2012
    It can be more challenging to organize and safely store paper records, photographs, digital records and artifacts than it is to obtain them in the first place. Jane Down shares valuable tips on document and keepsake organization and preservation in this handy 4 page laminated quick reference guide for genealogists. A complete list of included topics can be found in 'More information'
    ISBN [none applied]     More information

    Laminated...... 9.95 (C$)

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