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Census Records Head of House:

1814 2nd Regiment of Leeds Militia, Ed. Livingston 1894 (pamphlet)
1817 Index Perth (pamphlet)
1817-1822 Lanark, Perth & Richmond Military Settlements Census & Assessments Vol 1
1817-1822 Lanark, Perth & Richmond Military Settlements Census & Assessments Vol 2
1819 & 1822 census of Burgess Twp., Lanark County
1820 Lanark County Location Report
1820-22 Lanark County - Early Settlers, by Col. Marshall
1822 Early Settlers to Bathurst District Arriving Prior to 1822 by E. Miller & Robert Sargeant
1842 Records for Lanark County by E. Miller & Robert Sargeant
Scottish Settlers to Bathurst Area by J.Ernie Miller
1837 & 1839 Farm Census Elmsley Twp.
1820 Early Settlers of Bathurst 'Faded Footsteps' by Barbara Jordan
Land grants & original landowners in Bathurst Twp. Con. 1 ,2, 3, 4
Men of Upper Canada, Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829 ISBN 0-7779-0188-9
by Bruce S. Elliott, Dan Walker, Fawne Stratford-Devai, maps by Peter D.B. Merey, Toronto OGS, 1995
1793 to 1829 - 27,000 militiamen including officers & reservists across Canada, age and twp. often listed


1802-1842 Land Registers, Index to the Montague Twp. Papers,
1825-1850 Upper Canada Naturalization Records, by Donald A. McKenzie, OGS, Toronto, 1991
1848 Minutes, Reports, & c. of the Municipal Council of the Bathurst District, Oct. Session,
donated by Barbara Jordan

1859 County Directory 1859 Leeds, Grenville, Lanark & Renfrew, Farmer's Almanack & Diary
by E.A. Copleston

1896 Landowners in Montague Twp. - Construction Costs of a Ditch
1940 Smiths Falls Directory
Voters' Lists donated by Ellen Foster
A. N. Elmsley 1915 (missing)
B. N. Elmsley 1933
C. Smiths Falls 1950
D. Smiths Falls 1951
E. Johnstown District (N. & S. Elmsley & Burgess) 1844 (includes short 1st Assessment Roll Smiths Falls 1854)
Perth Courier newsclipping, donated by Barbara Jordan
EE. 1st Assessment Roll for Smiths Falls 1854 (Perth Courier newsclipping)
F. Smiths Falls 1948
G. Merchants of Lanark & Renfrew 1880
1915 Voters List N. Elmsley Twp., 1918 Directory of Lanark Co. Property Owners,
1918 Directories Bathurst, Beckwith, N. & S. Burgess, Dalhousie, Darling, Drummond, N. & S. Elmsley, Lanark, Montague, Pakenham , Ramsay, S. Sherbrooke Twps., donated by Charles Dobie

1825-1871 Returns, Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa: Minister of Supply & Services 1978

Census Records:

1842 Index Pakenham, Lanark Co., by LCGS Marilyn Snedden, Ruth Bowes, Francis Rathwell

1851 Pakenham Twp.; Bathurst & N. Burgess Twp; Beckwith Twp; Dalhousie and N. & S. Sherbrooke Twp; Darling, Lanark & Lavant Twp; Drummond Twp; Montague Twp. by Robert Sargeant & J.R. Ernest Miller 1990; Perth Town; RAMSEY TWP. does not exist; Smiths Falls & N. Elmsley Twp.

1861 Bathurst Twp.; Beckwith Twp.; Burgess Twp.; Dalhousie Twp.; Darling Twp. & Lavant; Drummond Twp.; Lanark Twp.; Montague Twp.; North Elmsley Twp.; Pakenham Twp.; Perth Town; Ramsay Twp.; Sherbrooke North & South Twp.; Smiths Falls Town

1871 Lanark County Census Returns Books 1 to 8
Book 1 Bathurst, N. Burgess, N. Elmsley
Book 2 Beckwith, Carleton Place
Book 3 Drummond & Perth
Book 4 Lanark Twp., Lanark Village
Book 5 Montague, Smiths Falls
Book 6 N. Sherbrooke, S. Sherbooke
Book 7 Pakenham, Darling
Book 8 Ramsay Twp, Almonte

1881 Almonte Town, Lanark Co. by Robert & Roberta Sargeant, Kingston OGS Part 1; Bathurst & S. Sherbrooke Twps., Lanark Co. Part 2; Beckwith Twp., Lanark Co. Part 1; Carleton Place, Lanark Co. Part 1; Dalhousie & N. Sherbrooke & Lavant Twps., Lanark Co. Part 2; Darling & Pakenham Twp., Lanark Co. Part 2; Drummond Twp., Lanark Co. Part 1; Lanark Twp., Lanark Co. Part 2; Montague Twp., Lanark Co. Part 1; N. Burgess & N. Elmsley Twps., Lanark Co. Part 2; Perth, Lanark Co. Part 1; Ramsay Twp., Lanark Co. Part 2; Smiths Falls, Lanark Co. Part 1
Montague Pioneers by Walter Brown

1891 Beckwith Twp. 'An Alpha Listing & Index to Census' , by Howard Morton Brown 1995'; Carleton Place by Howard Brown & John MacDougal (this is a duplicate added to 460 book) ; Lanark County: Part A; Almonte, Bathurst 1,2,3,4, Darling. Dalhousie & N. Sherbrooke, Carleton Place, (1891 Carleton Place #445 by Howard Brown & John MacDougal, duplicate included in 460); Drummond, Lanark Twp.; Lanark County: Part B; Lanark Twp. & Village, Montague, N. Burgess, Pakenham, N. Elmsley, Perth, Smiths Falls, Ramsay (by E.Miller & Roberta Sargeant), S. Sherbrooke.

1901 Lanark County Part 1; Lanark Twp. & Lanark Village, Lavant Twp., Montague Twp., N. Burgess Twp., N. Elmsley Twp.,
Pakenham Twp., Perth, Ramsay Twp., Smiths Falls, South Sherbrooke Twp.,

1901 Lanark County Part 2; Almonte, Bathurst Twp., Beckwith Twp., Carleton Place, Dalhousie & N. Sherbrooke Twps.,
Darling Twp., Drummond Twp.

1901 Land Location Records, donated by Roberta Sargeant (separate book orange label) Part 3